Mounne Candle’s founders, Olamide and Britney-Kay, celebrate their Nigerian and Jamaican heritage with a luxurious, curated collection of exceptional scents. Each hand-poured candle is a flickering reflection of the timeless beauty of African and Caribbean cultures.

Floral / Fruit

Earthy / Woody

Fresh / Mineral

Warm / Balmy


Britney-Kay, born and raised in Jamaica, emigrated to America to complete her university studies in science and art. Olamide, born and raised in Nigeria, emigrated to America for his university degrees in Management Information Systems as well as Respiratory Therapy. He is also a US Navy veteran and served in the navy with 5+ years of service.

The name Mounne pays homage to the many moon goddesses of African and Caribbean cultures. Mounne’s hand poured, vegan and cruelty free candles celebrate these diverse cultures and rich traditions. Mounne Candle’s curated scents will awaken a sense of adventure and inspire memories.